*Design Consulting- $50
     Hire your our own personal home designer! Here at the store we not only offer great products for your home but we can also help you figure out how to utilize the items you already have.  We will come to your home and discuss what you kind of environment you would like to create for your yourself, your family or your guests and help you decorate and arrange your house accordingly. Should you chose to buy a product from the store during this time your $50 fee would be applied to your purchase.

*Party Decor - Cost Varied
    Hosting a themed party, wedding or wedding shower? We all have busy lives so let us do the work for you! We will consult with you, set up your party decorations before hand and come remove them after the party. No having to brainstorm your party or store decorations afterward.

*Furniture Rental - Cost Varied
 Please contact the store if you are interested in renting furniture for your home, office or any other decorating needs.

    Please contact the store if you are interested in consigning furniture or goods.