Monday, May 21, 2012

Pallets as furniture

Last night I was driving past my neighbors house and found these beauties!
They are in really great condition. So here's my thoughts about what to do with them:
 Love the hooks since at the moment I have no idea where my keys are! Organization is such a time and stress saver.
Love the table! This is more what I'm wanting to do with them. I need end tables in my living room so I may try to modify this idea a bit.
Tv table. I would paint it robin's egg blue, it's my favorite color!
Adorable shelving 
Organizer! Or swap baskets for plants and put it in the garden. 
Porch swing, genius!

What would you do with them? I'll keep you posted on the future of this garbage find but in the meantime it's tempting to head down to A Piece of Mine Store and pick up one that's already made! Speaking of the store here's what's new!
 Bench with numbers 
I am in love with that white bench!

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