Monday, May 7, 2012

Theme of the Week - Tin Cans - Day 1

This week our theme is "Tin Cans" and we will be discovering different ways to decorate or organize with them. While cleaning up after dinner it can be easy to toss them in the recycle bin in an effort to sit down and relax! Wait! Rinse those babies out and give them brand new life all while saving the planet! Here's a few ideas to help you organize your office or crafting space in the blink of an eye!

Wrap them with fabric, contact paper, foam or even...BARK!
Paint them and add a decal!
Make multiple and attached them to a board! You can even use tuna cans or tomato paste cans for smaller items such as paper clips, rubber bands or small crafting supplies.
Last but not least, use them to organize your yarn and see it all at a glance without unraveling or digging!
Keep them for yourself or give them as gifts but most importantly...Enjoy!

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