Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wedding Brain!

So like I said yesterday I have a very dear friend getting married in June and her shower is this Sunday at my house. I have been up-cycling, crafting and creating till my brain feels like mush! I didn't have a theme when I started planning my bride's shower which eventually began to overwhelm me so much I wanted to lock my door and pretend no one was home when the guests arrived!

All I knew is, I wanted to throw a 'vintage' themed shower. I was thinking old type writers, jars, burlap, old irons, sewing machines, wooden spools, lace, roses, tea cups.....and the list went on. What began as an honor to plan this party quickly began to feel like a burden. It felt less like brainstorming and more like a tsunami of ideas in my head. So I stopped everything. I began to think 'Love Birds', I have a severe love of birds.
So I cut out a this cute bird, tied a gem on it and centered the rest of the decorations around it.
It all seemed to come together fairly effortlessly after that. I think the key to not getting too overwhelmed is narrowing down your theme specifically. Yes, you may be doing 'vintage' but what kind of vintage? Here's some examples:
A Vintage Carnival Wedding

A Romantic Barn Themed Wedding! 

Whatever theme you choose it should help narrow down all your great ideas and pull them together to make for high class, low cost wedding! the end of the day if you're just not sure don't forget that at A Piece of Mine Resale Shop we can come in and help you sort it all out! Check out more info <<HERE>> on our our Services page. Happy creating!

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