Friday, May 18, 2012

Shutters...yes, more shutter ideas!

Happy Friday!!! Today we're doing a quick post on a couple different ways you can use shutter all around your house!

As a window planter  
On your windows...inside!  
As a jewelry display 
A beautiful headboard 
On the sides of an old window pane 
Bathroom towel hook or purse hook  
A cute table 

In the corner as an accent piece
As wallpaper...ok, maybe this is too much 
I love this beautiful toilet paper holder! 
And don't forget you can use them outside in the garden, lawn or as a fence.

I hope you get a chance to use some shutters this weekend to make your home a little more cozy! If you're ever looking for some of the ideas we post stop by our store for your decorating needs. We have old window panes, chairs, cupboards...and if we don't have it out just ask, it may be in back!

Here's one cute planter that we have with a plant from Mabert's. 

This would be super cute as a wedding shower decoration, birthday party or maybe a sweet tea time with your children or grandchildren.

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